sethjones...alias Seth and Jones.

1. Review September's mobilizations (20 min):

*Banded overhead distraction *Lacrosse ball shoulder smash and floss *Single leg flexion with external rotation bias *Super couch stretch

2. Technique review: the kettlebell swing. (10 min)

3. "Nate" As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of 2 Muscle-ups 4 Handstand push-ups 8 Kettlebell swings

Competitors: Abmat between two 45/25lbs bumper plates, 2/1.5 pood kettlebells

CrossFitters: One Abmat for HSPU If you don't have muscle-ups, do band-assisted muscle-ups or 4 pull-ups and 4 dips/round.

Novices: Eight rounds not for time of 4 pull-ups, 4 dips (scaled as appropriate), and 8 kettlebell swings.

Have fun!