One of the best parts about PVCF and the Open? The support and friendships! Here are PVCF athletes, Mishka and Jen getting ready to cheer each other on before the WOD!


Be sure to do your ten minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work.

1. EMOM 15:

Min 1: 30s of max double unders Min 2: 10 L-sit knee Extensions Min 3: 5-3 Strict Chin-ups (weighted optional)

2. Run Prep (5 min)

3. ”Helen” Three rounds for time of:

Run 400m 21 Kettlebell swings 53/35lbs 12 Pull-ups

LIII: as rx’d. LII: American or Russian swings as appropriate, sub banded pull-up or ring rows as appropriate. LI: Three rounds run 400m/ row 500m, 3 x 5 kettlebell swings, 2 x 5 pull-ups or ring rows. 12 minute cut-off.

4. Cash-out:

55 HSPUs for time (6 min cutoff) or 4x 8-10/side DB press 4x8-10/side bicep curls Have fun!