We are honored to host a Mezcal Tasting with Amherst Coffee! Come WOD and then enjoy some CrossFit conversation and culture. The cost for the evening is $30. Friday, April 3rd at 7.00 p.m. There is a max seating of 30 people and this is not for profit. We are all pooling money to try a tasting that is different and rare. First come first serve. Stand by for an event link tomorrow!

Be sure to do your ten minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work.


1. Five minutes deliberate practice: 8 positions of the snatch


2.Warm-up to a challenging double of an appropriately challenging snatch: muscle, power, power + overhead squat, snatch (10 min)


3. EMOM 10: 2 snatches

LIII and LII: as above.

LI: practice muscle snatch positional drills for 20 minutes.


4. Five minutes deliberate practice: 8 positions of the power clean, 5 positions of the push jerk


5. "Grace"

Level III: 30 Clean & jerks (135/95lbs) for time. Cut-off is four minutes. Penalty of one burpee for every second over 4:00.

Level II: "Training Grace" AMRAP in 4 minutes of clean and jerks. If you get to 30, record time. Use 60-70% of your heaviest c&j single.

Level I: 6x5 muscle clean and press @ 50%


This is a time-delimited version of the benchmark WOD "Grace." Traditionally, "Grace" is done "ground-to-overhead anyhow"--that is, power cleans and push jerks.Your goal is 30 reps. Despite the rapid pace, this is NOT going to be a flail-a-thon! Concentrate on hitting the various positions we drill: hang, extend, pockets, and a solid 1/4 squat receiving position.


Have fun!