carlene and lizaCarlene and Liza

Be sure to do your ten minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work.

1. Skills development: 3 position drills w/ empty barbell for the back squat, front squat, and overhead squat ("1! 2! 3! 2!" etc.). If you can't do a particular squat due to flexibility limitations, default to the next simpler movement.

2. Strength Cycle Week 11, Day A14 Back squat 3 x 5. Add 10/5lbs to last Friday's weight. Press 3 x 5. Add 5/2.5lbs to last Friday's weight.

It's down to this! Leave it all on the floor.

3. June mobilizations

Have fun!

Don't forget! Wednesday is Game Nite! Bring your favorite board and card games and beverages of choice. See you ay 8pm in Hadley!