Molly is all smiles while she mobilizes her hips during her first week at PVCF. Welcome Molly!

Be sure to do your ten minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work

1. Run 400m at a warm-up pace.

2. Warm-up D: Three rounds of the Standard CF Warm-up @ 10 reps: Samson stretch, overhead squats, GHD sit-ups (sub: butterfly sit-ups), back extensions (sub: good mornings), pull-ups and dips

3. Technique review: the midfoot strike.

4. Run prep.

5.“Milkman of Human Kindness”

In teams of 2,

  • AMCalAP 5 cal row
  • AMMetersAP 5 Farmer’s Carry 40m*
  • AMRAP 5 Tag-team 200m sprints
  • AMMAP 5 Farmer’s Carry 40m

One minute transitions.

NB: do not turn directions during a Farmer's Carry. Place the weights down and turn your body before picking them back up.

LIII: 70/53# Farmer's Carry (both hands)

LII: 53/35# Farmer's Carry (both hands)

LI: 5 minutes of rowing focusing on perfect form, 5 x 40m Farmer's Carry @ 25#, 5 x 200m Sprints, 5 x 40m Farmer's Carry. Rest as necessary.

Have fun!