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Be sure to do your ten minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work.

1. Technique review: building the handstand push-up.

Dumbbell press, down pike pike press (you must have at least 15 strict push-ups in order to do DDPP), pike press from box (required: at least 15 DDPP), strict against-wall handstand push-ups, (required: at least 15 DDPP from 24″ box) kipping HSPU (required: 15 strict HSPU). Remember, if you begin to miss reps or your form starts to deteriorate during the WOD, default to the next movement down in the hierarchy you can do well. No flailing! (10 min)

2. Technique review: the push jerk and the split jerk. Footwork drills, etc. review the overhead complex for the EOMOM (10 min)

3. “The Silent Inverted Queen ” EOMOM 10:

  • Even minutes: 3 Presses overhead
  • Odd minutes: 3 Handstand push-ups

LIII: EOMOM 10 minutes, 1 push press, 1 push jerk, 1 split jerk LII: EOMOM 10 minutes, 1 push press, 2 push jerks LI: EOMOM 10 minutes, 3 push press Note: CrossFitters who lack the overhead position to properly push jerk will do three push presses. Some novice athletes who lack the necessary shoulder flexibility for ballistic movements will be instructed to do 3 strict dumbbell presses (2 dumbbells).

4. Run Prep

5. “Death by 10m” With a continuously running clock, on the first minute, run 10. On the second minute run 2 x 10m, the third run 3 x 10m, etc., continuing as long as you are able. When you can no longer complete all runs within the minute, you’re done. LIII, LII, and LI: as rx’d


Have fun!