image Coach Heather finishing her snatch doubles!


Be sure to do your ten minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work.


1. Technique review: building a better front rack position.

Concepts: (wrists in line with elbows, external rotation of upper arm, creating torque against the bar by contracting muscles of the upper back) and mobilizations.


2. Five minutes deliberate practice: 3 positions of the front squat w/ “five in the hole”


3. Five minutes deliberate practice: four positions of the row


4. “Boogie With Stu"

  • Front squat 1-2-3-1-2-3-1-2-3
  • Strict Toes to Bar 3-6-9-3-6-9-3-6-9
  • Row 250m, Row 250m, etc.

Sequence is 1 squat, 3 t2b, row 250m, 2 squats, 6 t2b, row 250m, etc.


LIII: front squat @ 80% 1RM. Row at your 500 meter pace. LII: front squat @ 70-80%, straight leg raises or toes to ceiling w/ 3020 tempo as appropriate LI: work up to a challenging front squat triple and then do two ladders of 1-2-3. Toes-to Ceiling. This workout is not for time, but you'll have to keep moving to get it all done within 30 minutes.

5. Cash-out: 3 rounds

  • :30-60s Superman hold
  • :30-60s Dip Support Hold


Have fun!