danf Olympic Weightlifting Coach, Dan F.*

Be sure to do your 10 minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work.

 1. Technique review: progression to the pistol. Reverse lunge, drop-leg squat from box, elevated leg squat from box, pistol.

2. "Cross-eyed Mary"


4 muscle-ups

8 pistols (alternating legs),

12 kettlebell swings 70/55lbs)

LIII: as Rx’d

LII: muscle-ups, band-assisted muscle-ups, or dips 2:1, as appropriate. Pistols, single-leg squats from box, reverse lunges, as appropriate.  53/35lbs kettlebell.

LI: 5 rounds NFT of 5 ring rows, 10 lunges (5/side) , 10 kettlebell swings (russian-style), 5 push ups (rest as necessary between efforts).

3. With time remaining, foam roll. Have fun!

*Our Olympic Weightlifting Classes shall not be held on the following dates: 

Saturday Dec 13
Wednesday, Dec 17
Wednesday, Dec 24
Friday, Dec 26
Saturday, Dec 27