Be sure to do your ten minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work. 1. Deliberate practice: Choose one ground to shoulder exercise: muscle clean, power clean, power clean + front squat, clean. Practice slowly and carefully through all seven positions. (6 minutes) Choose one straight leg hip flexion exercise: toes-to-ceiling, hanging straight leg raise, strict toes-to-bar, kipping toes-to-bar

2. "Mr. Crowley" In ten minutes, Run 1 mile Max rep deadlifts In six minutes, Run 800m Max rep power cleans In four minutes, Run 400m Max rep front squats

Score is total reps.

LIII: 225/150lbs deadlifts, 135/95lbs power cleans and front squats LII: 185/120lbs deadlifts, 105/73lbs power cleans and front squats LI: three rounds not for time of run 400m, 10 x 3 muscle cleans + 3 front squats (squat from last clean)

Have fun!

DON'T FORGET! The 6:30 class in Hadley and the 6:45 class in Northampton are both CANCELLED tomorrow, so that everyone can attend Stephanie Gaudreau's Paleo lecture. Don't miss out!