PVCF athlete, Andrea Hermans! Presenting the balance of focus and fun!

Reminder! This weekend we shall be working on our floors in Northampton.

All classes on Friday (after the six and seven a.m. in Noho) shall be in Hadley!

Want to come help out? email: ayn@pioneervalleycrossfit.com




Be sure to do your ten minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work.

1. EOMOM 10:

Even: 35 Double unders or :30 practice Odd: 6/side Cossack Squat (use KB if possible)

2. Run Prep

3. ”Bambi” With a 27 minute clock:

0:00...Row 500m 3:00...Run 400m 6:00...40 Wallball 9:00...Row 500m 12:00...Run 400m 15:00...40 Wallball 18:00...Row 500m 21:00...Run 400m 24:00...40 Wallball

Go every three minutes on the minute.

LIII: 50 wallball reps @ 30/20 LII: wallball @20/14. Half the class can start with the run if necessary. LI: 2 rounds of row 500m, run 400m. 25 Wallball. Rest between efforts as necessary.



Have fun!