Coach Laura running a tight ship during PVCF's Spring Rowing Club.

Be sure to do your ten minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work.

1. Take ten minutes to hit a heavy weighted pull-up single. If you don't have unassisted pull-ups yet, do ring pull-ups from the floor, sets of 3.

2. “A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again"

 For time:

  1. 100 Double-unders
  2. 50 Wallballs
  3. 25 Pull-ups
  4. 40 Wallballs
  5. 20 Pull-ups
  6. 30 Wallballs
  7. 15 Pull-ups
  8. 20 Wallballs
  9. 10 Pull-ups
  10. 10 Wallballs
  11. 5 Pull-ups
  12. Run 800m

LIII: 20/14lbs medicine ball

LII: if your double-unders are developing, 4 minutes of double-under practice, and then 40-30-20-10 wall balls (20/14) and 20-15-10-5 strict pull-ups, piked ring rows, or ring rows. The volume of the LIII workout is only for those experienced with kipping pull-ups. Otherwise, work on your pull-up strength--50 reps max. NO KIPPING ON BANDS.

LI: 4 minutes of double-under practice, 12-10-8-6 wall balls and ring rows.

Have fun!