jerryJerry K-G.

Be sure to do your ten mintues of pre-class dynamic flexibility work.

1. EOMOM 8, odd minutes:10 cossack squats (5/side), even minutes: 8 kettlebell cleans or one-handed swings (4/arm)

2. Competitors and CrossFitters do four rounds w/ empty barbell of snatch push press x 3, overhead squat x 3, snatch balance x 3, tall muscle snatch x 3, snatch pull-unders x 3, 3 position snatch. (5 min) Novices: technique review of muscle snatch and power snatch (10 min).

3. Power snatch 3-2-2-2-1-1-1-1. Work up to your heaviest single (with good form!) of the day. Novices practice muscle snatch for 20 minutes.

4. "Il Colore Ritrovato" 20 Double-unders 10 Power snatches 40 Double-unders 8 Power snatches 60 Double-unders 6 Power snatches 80 Double-unders 4 Power snatches 100 Double-unders 2 Power snatches

Competitors and CrossFitters: use 70% of your heaviest power snatch Novices: 10 rounds not for time of 3 muscle snatches and one minute double-under practice.

WEATHER UPDATE: For Wednesday, February 5th, due to heavy storm warnings morning classes are cancelled at PVCF Hadley and Northampton. Noon classes are conditioning a go, but check your email and Facebook in case this changes. Evening classes are on as scheduled.