Be sure to do your ten minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work. 1. Three rounds not for time: Muscle clean 7-position drill x 5 (work slowly and carefully, get every pose right). If your muscle clean is solid, progress to power cleans. 10 x L-sit knee extensions (, except on parallettes. Eight repetitions. If you can't do both legs, extend one at a time. Concentrate on keeping your hips pulled forward between your hands.) (15 minutes)

2. Banded overhead distraction x 2 min/side (5 min)

3. "Steel Panther" Five rounds for time of 15 Pull-ups 15 Sit-ups

15 minute cut-off.

LIII: GHD sit-ups LII: kipping pull-ups, band-assisted strict pull-ups, or ring rows as appropriate. GHD sit-ups or tuck crunches. LI: four rounds not for time of 2 x 5 band-assisted pull-ups or ring rows, 2 x 5 box jumps or practice jump-and-land mechanics.

4. Practice, as a group, the mobilizations for September.

Have fun!