Be sure to do your ten minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work. maelandstrongarm Mael and Strongarm

1. Technique review: the Russian and American kettlebell swings, which is appropriate for you? Positions of the Russian swing, overhead test, positions of the American swing, overhead stationary holds, the American swing.

2. "Helen Thomas" AMRAP 20 Run 400m 21 Kettlebell swings 12 Pull-ups

LIII: 53/35lbs kettlebell swung American-style LII: 35/25 lbs 'bell swung American or Russian-style, pull-ups scaled as appropriate (bands are okay, but NO KIPPING ON BANDS. Also, single-band rule is in effect). LI: Three rounds not for time of run 400m, 10 Russian swings, 10 ring rows.

3. Study, as a group, the mobilizations for September T-spine smash (pg 232 in "Becoming a Supple Leorpard." What?! You don't have a copy yet? Get a copy here) Oblique side smash (pg 291) Roller calf smash (pg 377) Couch stretch (pg 331)

DON'T FORGET! Information meeting tonight re: PVCF's Fall Paleo Challenge!