Start the week with your PVCF Family <3 For some inspiration:

 Here's PVCF athlete, Amber Douglas, getting a set of back squats in! Great job, Amber!


Be sure to do your ten minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work.

1. Warm up: 3 rounds not for time of 12 cossack squats, 12 goblet squats

2. Box jumps (max height)

  • 2-2-2-2-2.

Five sets of two jumps to the highest box you can land SAFELY. Step down from box between efforts. (10 min)

3. Review Spotting and Dumping the Back Squat. Also discuss the difference between a “heavy single for the day” vs. 1 rep max test.

4. Back squat

  • 2-2-2-1-1-1.

Six sets to work up to the heaviest single you can handle IN GOOD FORM today. (20 min)

5. Prowler Push!

Push the Prowler at least 180 yards (6 x 30m) add weight as appropriate.

(20 min)




Have fun!