Heavy front squats and Russian kbs for 8 minutes on Monday's WOD! It gets hard quickly. Here's PVCF athlete, Nathan Whitcomb giving it his all until the last second!


Be sure to do your ten minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work.

1. 100 double-unders or five minutes practice (5 min)

2.Technique review: the wall walk and rope climb (5 min)

2. EOMOM 10 Even minutes: 2 wall walks Odd minutes: 1 rope climb LIII: legless or strict rope climb LII/I: rope climb or plank climb

3. Press 5-5-5. Repeat your first three sets from Week 1 of this cycle. DO NOT MAX OUT. (10 min)

4. Run prep (5 min)

5. “Adama” 100 Push-ups for time. Every time you take a break, run 200m.

LIII: as written or scale up to 70 handstand push-ups. LII: 70 push-ups, 1 default (standard push-up to low box push-up, or low box push-up to taller box push-up) allowed.

LI: four rounds not for time of 10 push-ups, run 200m

(10 min cut-off)

6. Cash-out: Jefferson curl 3x3 reps @5151 tempo. Use light weight. Rest as needed between sets.

Have fun!

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