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Be sure to do your ten minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work.

1. Warm-up A: 100 double-unders (5 min)

2. Two rounds: 3 scapular pull-ups, 3 strict pull-ups, 3 kipping pull-ups. 3 hands-up wall squats, 3 elbows-up wall squats, 3 hands overhead wall squats. 3 down dog push-ups, 3 pike push-ups from box, 3 handstand push-ups. 3 reverse lunges/side, 3 pistols from box/side, 3 pistols/side. If the advanced element is too challenging, repeat the version you can perform correctly. (10 min)

3. Back Squat

  • 5-5-5-3-3-3.

Six sets to work up to the heaviest triple you can handle today. Try to beat last month’s heavy triple. (20 min)

4. “Amundson Made Easy”

  • AMRAP 4 Kettlebell swing
  • Immediately into:
  • Tabata Air squats

Score is total swings/low score tabata

LIII: American swings @ 70/53lbs LII: Russian or American swings @ 53/35lbs LI: 4 x 10 Russian swings, then 4 x 10 air squats

(8 min) 5. Mobility:

  • 2:00/side Couch Stretch

Have fun!