Be sure to do your ten minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work. 1. Warm-up E: Reverse lunges x 5/side, 10 strict toes-to-bar, single-leg Romanian deadlifts x 5/side, kick up to hand stand x 5, 10 kip swings. Then two rounds of pistols x 5/side, kipping toes-to-bar x 10, contralateral dumbbell single-leg Romanian deadlifts x 5/side, 10 headstand push-ups, 10 chest-to-bar pull-ups (10 min)

2. "Thanks, Ben!"* EMOM 30 Min 1: 10 Cal Row Min 2: 10 Box jumps, 24"/20" Min 3: 10 Deadlifts, 185/135 Min 4: 10 Wall Balls, 20/14lbs Min 5: 10 Ring Dips Min 6: Rest

*I totally hoarked this WOD from Ben Bergeron's competitorswod!

3. With time remaining, September mobilizations. Have fun!

Don't forget that tonight at PVCF West it's BRING-A-BUDDY night! PVCF athletes are welcome to bring their friends and relations to tonight's 6:45pm class. The inaugural WOD is...

"Bring-a-Buddy WOD 1" Four intervals of :30 work, :30 rest of Box jumps (buddy: step-ups) Toes-to-bar (sit-ups) Muscle cleans (kettlebell deadlift) Bar facing burpees (Squat thrusts)

Have fun!