Killian getting his final reps in for his bench press as Coach Mael spots!

NB: We will be holding one WOD on Labor Day, Monday, September 7th. The WOD will be at 10 am in Hadley. All other programming that day has been cancelled for the holiday.

Hope to see you there!

1. Review, as a group, the pre-class dynamic warm-up. (10 min)

2. Technique review: 8 positions of the power snatch.  (5 min)

3. Ten minutes deliberate practice of the 8 positions of the power snatch. Use this time to start warming up for the WOD.

4. “Tequila Sunrise”

5 Rounds for time:

  • 400m Run
  • 15 Pull ups
  • 6 Power snatches, 135/95lbs

2o minute cut-off.

LIII: ax rx’d

LII: Pull to Object (vertical) exercise as appropriate, Pull Object (ground to overhead) exercise as appropriate. Use 70% of your PS 1RM

LI: five rounds not for time of run 200m, 10 ring rows, 2 x 3 muscle snatches. Rest as necessary between efforts.

Have fun!