Our PVCF female athletes seem to get even more brilliant when they are pregnant! Here's PVCF athlete, and assistant instructor, Meg Reed raising the bar!


Be sure to do your ten minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work.

1. In no particular order (and not for time, but you've got 15 minutes to complete):

  • 15-10-5 of calorie row and GHD sit-ups
  • 15-10-5 of muscle snatches w/ empty barbell and strict chin-ups
  • 15-10-5 of muscle cleans w/ empty barbell and ring dips


2. Run Prep 3. Run 5k for the BOARD! Hadley: regular route. Northampton: run to the bike path entrance and head toward Easthampton. Turn around markers are two big orange arrows on the bike path/telephone pole with blue bow around it. Head back.

Have fun!