spacemonkey6am's Team Space Monkey

1. Review, as a group, the elements of the pre-class dynamic warm-up (10 min)

2. "Natasha" AMRAP 20 of 2 Muscle-ups 4 Box jumps 8 Pistols (alternating)

Competitors: 30/24" box CrossFitters: If you don't have muscle-ups, scale with band-assisted muscle-ups or 4 pull-ups and 4 dips. 24/20" box. Scale pistols w/ alternating reverse lunges if necessary. Novices: 10 rounds not for time of 4 pull-ups, 4 box jumps or ste-ups, 4 alternating reverse lunges

Score is rounds completed plus reps.

3. Foam roll party! (20 minutes)

Have fun!

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