WIN Pioneer Valley Crossfit would like to thank everyone who volunteered and participated in this year's Open Team Cup! Our PVCF Family made this an unforgettable year and such a smoothly run event. And we would like to send some deep gratitude to Coaches Ayn Toppin and Ryan Katz for creating this idea and seeing it through to its great reality!

Overall total points: Blue 315 vs Gold 325.

The Northampton Facility will be the home for the trophy for the next year!



Be sure to do your ten minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work

1. Run 800m

2. Technique review: seven positions of the muscle snatch. OS 2 movement screen. Eight positions of the power snatch.Power snatch + overhead squat. Eight positions of the snatch. (10 min)

3. Five minutes deliberate practice of the 8 positions of the snatch.(5 min)

4. Snatch 1RM:

  • Take 20 minutes to work up to a 1RM power snatch.

Not necessarily a PR, just the heaviest weight you can move today.

LIII: as written LII: muscle snatch, power snatch, power snatch + overhead squat, snatch, as appropriate LI: will practice the muscle snatch

4. "Isabel"

  • 30 Snatches (135/95lbs) for time.

Traditionally performed as power snatch. Cut-off is four minutes.

LIII: as written LII: "PVCF Isabel"

  • AMRAP in 4 minutes of power snatches. If you get to 30, record time. Use 60-70% of your heaviest snatch single.

This is a time-delimited version of the benchmark WOD "Isabel." Your goal is 30 reps. Despite the rapid pace, this is NOT going to be a flail-a-thon! Concentrate on hitting the various positions we drill.

LI: 6x5 muscle snatch


5. Cash-out: 3 rounds Not for time of:

  • 8/side DB external rotations
  • 16 alternating Single leg Glute bridges.



Have fun!


Coach Mael is running a Seminar on movement and mobility for your midline! Learn how to engage your trunk, release abdominal tissue, create more efficient movement patterns, and alleviate pain and illness.

  • April 10th in Northampton at 9.00 a.m. Cost: $30 (check or charged to your account)
  • Check out Coach Mael's page: MW Movement Systems on Facebook!