1. Review, as a group, the elements of the pre-class dynamic warm-up. 2. "Götterdämnanotherrun?" EMOM 16 Turkish get-ups

Rest 4 minutes

Four cycles of AMRAP 3 Run 400m 15 Pull-ups

Rest four minutes

Run one mile

Record weight for TGUs, total pull-ups, mile run time

LIII: 2 TGU/minute, C2B pull-ups LII: 1 or 2 TGU/minute, kipping pull-ups or band-assisted strict pull-ups. If you finish the run and get to 15 pull-ups before 3 minutes is up, rest. Otherwise, get as many pull-ups as you can before 3 minutes is up. LI: Practice TGU for 15 minutes. Two rounds not for time of 400m run and 15 pull-ups. Run 800m.

3. With time remaining, July mobilizations. Have fun!