paceM. Pace

Be sure to do your pre-class dynamic warm-up.

1. EMOM 20 minutes, 1 Turkish get-up. Alternate sides. Go heavy.

If you consider yourself adroit at TGUs, do 2 on the same side per minute.

If your TGU are still developing, don't worry about the clock. Practice technique for 20 min.

2. "Johnny Thunders" AMRAP 20 2 Burpee box jumps 4 Strict chin-ups 8 Kettlebell swings

Competitors: 30/24" box, 70/53lbs kettlebell, swung American-style CrossFitters: 24/20" box, 53/35lbs kettlebell, swung Russian- or American-style Novices: 3 x 10 kettlebell swings, resting 60 sec between efforts. Then 10 rounds not for time of 3 burpees, 3 box jumps, 3 band-assisted chin-ups or ring rows.

3. With time remaining, mobilize. Have fun!