peterbPeter B.

Be sure to do your pre-class dynamic warm-up.

1. EMOM 20 minutes, 1 Turkish get-up. Alternate sides. Go heavy.

If you consider yourself adroit at TGUs, do 2 on the same side per minute. Either way, move precisely and efficiently from position to position.

If your TGU are still developing, don't worry about the clock. Practice technique for 20 min.

2. "Malmsteen"

Competitors: 30 Strict muscle-ups (on rings, full turn-out at bottom) CrossFitters: 30 strict muscle-ups, band-assisted if necessary. Use least amount of assistance possible, concentrating on slow smooth pull through transition. If you don't have ring dips, do 6 x 10 strict chin-ups superset with 6 x 10 bar dips. Novices: 3 x 10 chin-ups or ring dips superset w/ 3 x 10 band-assisted dips or parallette dips.

This workout is NOT for time.

Have fun!