Let's shine the PVCF spotlight on PVCF athlete, Gail Lovett!

This is her first week with us. She's focusing on form, asking great questions, and smiling the whole time! What a pleasure to meet you, Gail!



Be sure to do your ten minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work.

1. Technique Review: the positions of the hang power snatch. (5 min) 2. Hang Power Snatch

  • 3-3-3

LIII: 3x3@75-80% 1RM power snatch LII: work up to a moderate weight for 3 reps with GOOD FORM. Repeat for a total of 3 sets. LI: practice the 7 positions of the muscle snatch or 8 positions of the power snatch

3. "The Thrashing Machine"

  • 25 Muscle-ups
  • 50 GHD sit-ups
  • 100 OH walking lunges with 45/25lbs bumper
  • 200 Double-unders

(20 min)

LIII: as written. LII: If you can't do muscle-ups, do 50 pull-ups and 50 dips. If you don't do GHD sit-ups on a regular basis, do 50 tuck crunches. If you have trouble with double-unders, practice for 5 minutes at the end. 30 minute cut-off. LI: 3 x 10 pull-ups superset w/ 3 x 10 dips, 2 x 25 sit-ups, 2 x 25 walking lunges, double under practice.

Have fun!