awbtoss Medicine balls can be fun! Keep thinking positive thoughts during "Karen" 


Be sure to do your ten minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work.


1. Five minutes to practice the eight positions of the clean. Then review how to construct hang variations of the clean.


2. Warm-up for EMOM.


3. EMOM 10:

  • High hang clean

  • Hang clean

  • Clean

LIII: 80-85% of clean 1RM

LII: 70-80% of clean 1RM,

Muscle clean, power clean, power clean + front squat, or clean as appropriate.

LI: deliberate practice of clean/hang clean for 10 minutes.


4. “Karen”

  • 150 Wallballs for time (20/14lbs)


LIII: as prescribed, 7 minute cut-off

LII: AMRAP 7 wall-balls. Pay careful attention to your squat technique.

LI: 4 x 10 wallballs not for time, rest as necessary between sets.


5. December Mobilizations


Have fun!



PVCF will be holding its third Crossfit Defense Course! If this is your first time you will be informed on how CFD will help you inside and outside the gym. If this is your second or third time taking CFD, then be ready for some functional movement and the hidden arsenal in Crossfit!