circleofpowerStrength and conditioning is only a small part of what we do.

Be sure to do your ten minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work.

1. Warm-up G: four rounds w/ empty barbell of snatch push press x 3, overhead squat x 3, snatch balance x 3, 3 position (pockets, hang, floor) snatch (10 min)

2. "Hofstadter" Every other minute on the minute for 20 minutes: Competitors: On odd minutes: 2 snatches @ 80% of your 1RM. On even minutes, 30sec AMRAP double-unders.

CrossFitters: On odd minutes, 2 snatches at 70-80%. On even minutes, 30sec AMRAP double-unders (or double-under attempts)

Record your snatch weight and total number of double-unders.

Novices: 20 minutes of snatch progressions.


3. Run one mile for time.

Have fun!