Be sure to do your ten minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work. 1. Two rounds of deliberate practice: Choose one straight-leg hip flexion exercise: toes-to-ceiling, hanging straight leg raise, strict toes-to-bar, kipping toes-to-bar (4 min) Choose one shoulder to overhead exercise: press, push press, push jerk, split jerk bar (4 min)

2. Push press 3-3-3-3-3-3. Work your way up to a best triple for the day. Clean weight into position. Vertical torso, compress on the heels, etc.

Use that weight to determine an estimated 1RM: weight x reps x .0333 + weight. Take 50% of that for the finisher.

3. "ILLUMINATUS!" Three rounds for time of Run 400m 25 Russian swings 15 Push press

LIII: swings @ 70/53lbs LII: swings @ 53/35lbs LI: three rounds NFT run 400m, 3 x 5 kettlebell swings, 2 x 5 push press

With time remaining, August mobilizations. Have fun!