girlzsmall Fun fact: there are more females than males at PVCF!



Be sure to do your ten minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work.

1. Warm-up B: three rounds of the parallette complex @ 5 reps plus 10 kip swings. Accrue one minute of L-sit in three 20 second efforts. If you don’t have unassisted push-ups yet, instead of the complex, do five push-ups with the least possible assistance, then kip swings. Then join the group for L-sits/tuck sits. (10 min)

2. Bench Press 5-5-5-3-3-3

Superset with

Weighted Pull-ups 5-5-5-3-3-3

20 minutes to work up to the heaviest triples you can handle today. If you don’t have weighted pull-ups, in between bench press sets, do

Ayn’s Pull-up Program Day B:

  • 6 sets of 5-10 second static holds with supinated grip (3 sets at top with chin over the pull up bar, 3 at 90 degree angle)
  • 6 sets of 5-10 second negatives (jump to chin over the bar then slowly lower down to full extension) Do half with supinated/half with pronated grip if possible.

(12 total sets, do 2 sets between each bench press set)

*goal is to eventually complete sets of at least 6 second holds at each position and at least 6 second negatives. During your sets if you can no longer hold a position for at least 5 seconds or lower slowly in 5 seconds then you are done for the day. These can be done with Piked Ring Rows or Ring rows if you are unable to lower yourself effectively from the pull-up bar.

3. “G.I. Jane”

  • 100 Burpee pull-ups for time

LIII: as rx’d If you have to make any modifications at all, do the LII version. LII: AMRAP 10:

  • 10 Burpees
  • 10 Pull-ups

Burpee version as appropriate. Remember, no sloppy sprawling! Pull-ups as appropriate.

LI: three rounds not for time of 10 box burpees and 10 ring rows

4. Cash-out:

  • 3 x 8/side @3010 Powell raise
  • 1:00 sink mobilization


Have fun!