Forget about the pain cave of mobility! When Gabby mobilizes, she's in a tunnel of light!


Be sure to do your ten minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work.

1. Warm-up B: three rounds of the parallette complex @ 5 reps plus 10 air squats and 10 kip swings. Then accrue one minute of L-sit in three 20 second efforts. If you don’t have strong push-ups, stay off the parallettes and do 10 strict push-ups per round, using assistance as required. (10 min)

2. Bench press 3-3-3-2-2-2 Superset with Weighted pull-ups 3-3-3-2-2-2.


Twenty minutes to work up to your best double of the day. Try to make your heavy triple from last week your first double today.

If you don’t have pull-ups yet, superset Ayn’s pull-up program. Do a set of each of the following exercises between sets of bench press:

  • 3-5 strict chin-ups (band assisted, as little assistance as possible or piked ring row)
  • 5/arm Dumbbell rows (heavy)

(20 min)

3. Dips 21-15-9.

Unbroken sets with one minute rest between. This is a skill-builder for “Elizabeth” which is coming up soon. (10 min)

4. “Queen of the Night” AMRAP 7:

  • 7 Parallette shoot-throughs
  • 7 Ring rows

LIII: horizontal ring rows (feet up on box) LII: ring rows as appropriate, parallette or box shoot-throughs as appropriate LI: four rounds not for time of 10 ring rows, swing throughs on straight (dip) bars)



Have fun!



Spring Rowing Club! six weeks long.

email: for more details!

PVCF will march in the Northampton PRIDE PARADE! May 7th, gathering at 11 a.m.