"Nasty Girls" was not planned as a benchmark workout. It was just another WOD Lauren Glassman gave to her star pupils: Eva Twardokens, Annie Sakamoto, and Nicole Carroll. It was never meant to become this classic video, either, that's been watched over a hundred thousand times, mostly because of Nicole's incredibly gutsy performance. As you watch this, observe the intensity of these athletes, and realize for them this was just another day in the gym. They pushed each other to achieve far more than they ever could on their own. That's the magic of CrossFit...are you going to bring the intensity today?

Not only are those muscle-ups these women are doing, they are slow, no kip muscle-ups. Eva resorts to "toeing up" in the last round, but Annie does them slow and controlled all the way through. This was in 2004, when Annie was about 27; last summer she placed 6th in the CF Games at age 35.

One note: if Nicole had been my client, I probably would've made her stop during that last round.