This new, two-lift strength day format we're introducing requires that we spend a little less class time on the warm-up. To make up for this we recommend an informal ten minute pre-WOD warm-up composed of dynamic flexibility work. Here's the list: 1. Pogo jumps x 10 2. Jumping jacks x 10 3. SEAL jumps x 10 4. Full-body circles x5/side 5. Arm circles (forward) x 10/side 6. Arm circles (back) x 10/side 7. Elbow circles (forward and back) x 10/direction 8. Wrist circles x 10/direction 9. Shoulder twists x 5/side 10. Torso twists x 10/side 11. Air squats x 10 12. Squat to stand x 5/side 13. Scap push-ups x 10 14. Push-ups x 10 15. Child pose to cobra to down dog x 3 16. Spiderman lunges x 5/side 17. Lunge to perfect stretch x 3/side 18. Band dislocates x 10 19. Backward roll to dynamic hamstring stretch x 5 20. Backward roll to pigeon x 3/side 21. Squat to reverse lunge x 3/side 22. Standing pistol stretch x 3/side 23. Kip swings x 10

This list is posted in various places around the gym. Here's a video demo of many of the movements: