A heartfelt thank you to our PVCF Family for coming out this morning for our Lily's Fund WOD. There was great spirit, excellent movement, and generous hearts all around. Thank you!

Be sure to do your ten minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work.

1. Technique review: 10 positions of the Turkish get-up. (5 min)

2. Ten minutes deliberate practice of the positions of the Turkish get-up.

3. Technique review: Push Away from Object (horizontal) exercises. Building the perfect push-up.

4. “Resist the Earth’s Embrace”

In teams of two:

  • 300 Push-ups for time.

Each athlete is responsible for 150 push-ups, which they execute simultaneously. As soon as either athlete hits failure and puts down a knee, the team must row a total of 500m (break it up however you wish). Then resume push-ups.

LIII: as rx’d

LII: 300 or 200 push-ups, as appropriate. Standard push-ups or box push-ups as appropriate.

LI: four rounds not for time of row 500m, 10 push-ups.


Have fun!


Time: 2 – 5:30

Paul, Sarah, and Delilah's House! 103 East Street Easthampton, MA

Come hang with your CrossFit family and watch the fittest on earth compete in the CrossFit Games! Bring something to share or meat for the grill. BYOB.