awebbikram Need a little Yoga? Coach Ayn will be teaching a Free Bikram Yoga class for all PVCF Members! It will be Oct. 11th at 11:30am at Bikram Yoga Northampton, located next door to PVCF West. Sign up sheets will be at each PVCF location. Space is limited for this event, sign up soon!


1. Review, as a group, the elements of the pre-class dynamic warm-up.

2. "You're Married to the Sea"

  • Row 20 minutes for max distance.

LIII: and LII: as rx’d.

LI: row for 15 minutes, resting one minute between each five minute piece.

Score is total distance.

3. Foam roll 20 minutes. Five minutes each on l/r quads, IT bands, and tensor fasciae latae. Five minutes each on l/r lats.

If necessary, half the class can start with the foam rolling.

4. Prepare mentally for the Total on Sunday!

Have fun!