Natalie D. repping out on her last press set!

1. Review, as a group, the elements of the pre-class dynamic warm-up.


BB King hands over his beloved guitar Lucille to Pope John Paul II. 

2. "Light as Lucille"

In teams of 2,

  • AMCalAP 5 cal row
  • AMMetersAP 5 Farmer's Carry 40m
  • AMRAP 5 Tag-team 200m sprints
  • AMMAP 5 Farmer's Carry 40m

One minute transitions.

LIII: farmer’s carries 2 x 2/1.5 pood kettlebells

LII: carries @ 2 x 1.5/1 pood kettlebells

LI: carries as appropriate

One athlete works while the other rests. Switch when distance is covered on the carries and sprints; for the rower, switch as desired.

Have fun!