michelleandsarahMichelle M. brought her partner, Sara B., with her to Bring-a-Buddy Thursday at PVCF West in Northampton. Sara said, “I was really surprised about how supportive the coaches are. That’s what makes CrossFit here at Pioneer Valley CrossFit so good.”

Be sure to do your ten minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work.

1. Practice handstands and progressions to handstand walking for ten minutes

2. Technique review: the thruster (5 min)

3. Run prep (5 min)

4. "franK" In teams of two, Run one mile 21-15-9 thrusters 95/65lbs and pull-ups Run one mile

Run as a team. Upon return, one athlete starts with thrusters, the other with pull-ups, but both are responsible for all reps of both exercises. Complete the second mile as a team. Score is time both athletes have completed the run.

LIII: as rx'd LII: scale thrusters and pull-ups as appropriate LI: not for time: run 800m, 3x 5, 2 x 5, 1 x 5 thrusters and pull-ups, and run 800m

Have fun!