hotshots19The crew from Saturday's Hotshots 19 fundraiser. Fantastic efforts all around. Today was Irina S.'s last day with us. We've all witnessed her remarkable transformation since she came to PVCF. Good luck, Irina! We'll miss you.

1. Practice Turkish get-ups for 10 minutes.

2. Technique review: the perfect burpee.

2. "iShow" Four rounds for time of Row x calories x Burpees

Competitors: 35 calories, 35 burpees

CrossFitters: 25 calories, 25 burpees

Novices: 15 calories, 15 burpees

This WOD can be done by one athlete, or in teams of two or three. Teams of two: athletes switch stations when both have completed the required work. Team of three: two athletes work while the third rest. All three rotate to next station when first two athletes have completed the assigned work. Have fun!