Be sure to do your ten minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work. 1. Technique review: seven positions of the muscle snatch. The power snatch--is it for you?

2. "Six Feet Over" In teams of 2, In five minutes, complete 200 Double-unders. In ten minutes, complete 60 Squats 60 Sit-ups 60 Back extensions 60 Pull-ups 60 Push-ups In twenty minutes, complete 60 Power snatch 100 Overhead squats 140 Ring dips 180 Toes-to-bar

Divide reps evenly. Partition as desired (suggested: "I go, you go" for double-unders and calisthenics, then Athlete A starts on snatches and OHS, Athlete B on dips and T2B, switching as desired).

LIII: OH squats w/ empty barbell, GHD sit-ups, push-ups on parallettes, power snatch @ 135/95lbs, OHS @ 135/95lbs LII: air squats or OHS w/ PVC, tuck crunches, good mornings, strict band-assisted pull-ups, muscle or power snatch @ 105/73lbs, OHS @ 105/73lbs, bar or parallette dips, strict knees-to-elbows or hanging knee raise LI: Warm-up A, Warm-up D, then three rounds not for time of 2 x 5 muscle snatch, 15 air squat or light OHS, 15 parallette dips, 15 hanging knee raise.

Have fun!