Mark your calendars! This memorial day, PVCF is doing the hero WOD, Murph!



Be sure to do your ten minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work.
1. Warm-up D: Two rounds of the Standard CF Warm-up @ 10-15 reps: Samson stretch, overhead squats, GHD sit-ups (sub: butterfly sit-ups), back extensions (sub: good mornings), pull-ups and dips (10 min)
2. Run Prep
3. "Uh Oh Chongo”
  • Run 1 mile
  • Row 2K
  • 150 Burpees
  • 300 Double-unders
This workout is for time. Run as a team, split the row, burpees, \the double-unders. Run the workout in two heats if needed, ten minutes apart. Cut-off is 30 minutes.
LIII and LII: as rx'd.
LI: run 800m, row 1k, run 800m
Run the workout in two heats, ten minutes apart.
Cut-off is 30 minutes.
Have fun!