Bon Voyage and Bonne Chance to Paul and his family! They are going to Europe and Paul is also focusing on obstacle course race training! What's the best thing to bring along when you travel? Your healthy CrossFit self, of course!


Be sure to do your ten minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work.

1. Technique review: 8 positions of the dumbbell power snatch

2. Five minutes deliberate practice of the 8 positions of the db power snatch

3. “Menace to Propriety” In teams of two:

  • Tabata Shoot-thrus (no dip)
  • Ammap 4 Row
  • Tabata Dumbbell snatch
  • Ammap 4 Row
  • Tabata Burpee broad jumps
  • Ammap 4 Row

Athlete A starts w/ tabata, Athlete B starts w/ row. A starts row at next 4 minute interval, athlete B switches to Tabata. Score is total meters rowed and total number of tabata reps for both athletes at all three stations, i.e., ST/DBS/BBJ.

To be clear, both athletes do all work, e.g., full Tabata, full run, etc.

LIII: shoot throughs to and from 12″ box, db snatch @ 60/40lbs LII: shoot throughs or “rising/collapsing” planks, db snatch @ 40/25 or one-hand Russian kb swing LI: 3 x 10 shoot thrus or 45 sec planks, row 500m, 3 x 10 Russian kettlebell swings, row 500m, 3 x 10 burpees, row 500m.



Have fun!