jackandrewThis is a fine bromance.

Be sure to do your ten minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work.

1. Ayn’s Shoulder Stability series: band dislocates x 10, overhead pull-aparts x 10, flyes x 10, lateral pull-aparts x 10, chest-pulls x 10, scap push-ups x 10 (5 min)

2. Technique review: the kettlebell swing. Should you be going overhead? Find out today!

2. "Pearly Soames" In teams of two, I-go-you-go for 20 minutes of 9 Kettlebell swings 12 Push-ups 9 Knees-to-elbows

Level III: American swings @ 70/53lbs, band-resisted push-ups Level II: American or Russian swings @ 53/35 Level I: Ten rounds not for time of 3 kettlbell swings, 4 push-ups, 3 hanging knee raises.

With time remaining, do your February mobilizations:

* Anterior compartment shoulder smash * Bilateral flexion w/ external rotation bias * Glute smash * Banded Olympic wall squat