Ladies_night_fran_thumbCompetitors at LADIES NIGHT post "Fran"

Review, as a group, the elements of the pre-class dynamic warm-up.

1. "The Divide" In teams of two, EMOM 32 minutes, Eight minutes of 10 Muscle or Power cleans Run 100m Eight minutes of 10 Push jerks Run 100m Eight minutes of 15 Pull-ups Run 100m Eight minutes of Run 200m

Athletes A and B alternate on even and odd minutes. Couples should take about :60 to complete.

LIII: 155/108lbs LII: 115/83lbs, muscle or power clean as appropriate. If your rounds take longer than 1:30 to complete, scale the volume. LI: Ten rounds not for time of 4 muscle cleans, 4 push press, run 100m

Have fun!