noknees Today is John U.'s five month anniversary with us! He has excelled in so many ways and we are very thrilled he is a part of our PVCF Family. While looking great and achieving personal records merits great applause, we celebrate our athletes moving well and being able to do what they previously could not in their own bodies. Here's to "no knee brace" and the bright road ahead!

Be sure to do your ten minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work.

1. Warm-up A: 100 double-unders

2. Two rounds of the Standard CF Warm-up @ 10-15 reps: Samson stretch, overhead squats, GHD sit-ups (sub: butterfly sit-ups), back extensions (sub: good mornings), pull-ups and dips.

3. Technique review: dumbbell variations of the deadlift, the hang power clean, and the thruster.


4. "Rupert Pupkin"

Using one dumbbell, every minute on the minute for twenty minutes,

  • With right hand, 2 deadlifts, 2 hang power cleans, 2 thrusters.
  • Switch hands.
  • With left hand, 2 deadlifts, 2 hang power cleans, 2 thrusters.

LIII: 45/25lbs

LII: 35/20lbs

LI: 10 rounds right hand/12 rounds left of 2 deadlifts, 2 hang muscle cleans, 2 thrusters (total of 40 deadlifts, 40 hMC, 40 thrusters).

If you get to the point you cannot complete all 12 reps within a minute, continue as a 20 min AMRAP.

 Have Fun!