PVCF athlete, Shannon Sennott gives us proof that it IS possible to smile and look radiant while on the bike! 



Be sure to do your ten minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work.

1. 21-15-9

Calorie Row GHD Sit-ups or Tuck Crunches

2. Technique Review:

The Burpee

3. “The Whole Famdamily”

Class Divides into even teams: AMRAP 20

30m down/30m back Prowler Push 90/50# 100m Sandbag or Medball Run 10 Burpees

With one prowler per team, athletes move through in order. As soon as one athlete clears the prowler station, the next can start.

LIII/LII: as Rxd LI: scale prowler weight as appropriate, unweighted run. Rest as appropriate.




Have fun!