BEFORE BEGINNINGRead the rules. Print out the dietary guidelines and post them in your kitchen. Get rid of all the non-Paleo food in your house. Go grocery shopping. Get ready to rock!

PHASE I: Get your measurements taken). Ryan and Liz have been taking care of this in Hadley; by the end of the week we'll be doing measurements in Northampton, too.(You do NOT have to weigh yourself. Your Lurong profile does not include your weight.) After you login to the Lurong Challenge site, you'll see a window labeled "Open Items". That's where you enter your WOD results, measurements, and goals. Data must be entered by 9/29; it's definitely helpful to enter your clean/cheat records day-by-day.

Eat clean. Write down everything, BUT EVERYTHING, you eat and drink. Keeping a food journal is very helpful! Record your daily record (enter your results in your profile by 9/29). Remember, you get Challenge points for every clean meal. Remember, your instructors are NOT the Paleo Police! Nor are we Paleo lawyers or Paleo dispute mediators. If there's a question about whether a food is's not :)

Do the WODs. Lurong workouts will be the daily PVCF WOD after they're announced. If you have to miss that day, you can make the WOD up later, but must get an L1 trainer (not necessarily a PVCF red shirt) to count your reps. Results must be entered by 9/29.

And that's it. Get to work!