image 1. Review, as a group, the elements of the pre-class dynamic warm-up.

2. Warm-up F: 3 deadlifts, 3 power cleans, 3 front squats, 3 press, 3 push press, 3 push jerks.

3. "Queen of the Stone Age" AMRAP in 20 minutes of 30 Pistols 40 HSPU 50 Power cleans 60 Lateral burpee box jumps

Teams of two. Athlete A runs 200m while Athlete B does reps. When A returns B heads out to run, and A picks up where B left off.

Competitors: HSPU to Abmat between 45/25lbs plates, power cleans at 155/108lbs

CrossFitters: HSPU to one Abmat, power cleans at 135/95lbs

Novices: cut volume in half, sub reverse lunges for pistols, dumbbell presses for HSPU, scale pc as appropriate.

Have fun!