1. Practice Turkish get-ups for ten minutes.

2. "Robocop" For time: 60 Squat box jumps 60 Russian-style kettlebell swings 60 Clapping push-ups 60 Barbell reverse lunges 60 Strict chest-to-bar pull-ups 60 Burpee broad jumps 60 Calorie row

Teams of two. Teams divide reps evenly.

Competitors: 24/20" box, 88/70lbs kbell, 115/85lbs reverse lunges, 6/4' broad jumps

CrossFitters: 24/20" box, 70/55lbs kbell, 95/65lbs reverse lunges, assistance as need for pull-ups (no kipping!), 6/4' broad jumps.

Novices: 40 reps not for time. Scale movements and load as appropriate.

Have fun!