Be sure to do your ten minutes of pre-class dynamic flexibility work. 1. Warm-up D: Two rounds of the Standard CF Warm-up @ 10-15 reps: Samson stretch, overhead squats, GHD sit-ups (sub: butterfly sit-ups), back extensions (sub: good mornings), pull-ups and dips)

2. Technique review: the rope climbs.

3. "Black Francis" 21 Back squats 9 Rope climbs 15' Run 800m 15 Back squats 6 Rope climbs Run 800m 9 Back squats 3 Rope climbs Run 800m

Teams of three. Each athlete is responsible for all reps; divide rounds into thirds and rotate through until work is done. Run as a team.

Competitors: 225/150lbs CrossFitters: 175/120lbs Novices: scale load and rope climbs as appropriate.

Note: wear tall socks or sweatpants if you want to climb the ropes!