ryanjasonRyan and Jason seem to be enjoying "Murph" far too much. We're suspicious!

1. Review, as a group, the elements of the pre-class dynamic warm-up.

2. Technique review: the muscle clean and the power clean

3. "Never the Machine Forever" 20 rounds for time of 5 Cleans 7 Bar-facing burpeess

Teams of two. Athlete A does reps while Athlete B does 30 double-unders. Switch when both have finished a round of work.

LIII: Power cleans @ 135/95lbs LII: 95/65lbs. If you don't have double-unders, practice for one minute. LI: 10 rounds of 3 muscle cleans and 3 burpees, scaled as appropriate

Time remaining? Practice handstands. Have fun!